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The alpine village at the foot of Mt Kosciuszko is a world class resort which attracts holiday enthusiasts from all over the world. The scenic mountain scenery and sheer beauty of the landscape is unrivalled anywhere in Australia. Call our office in Thredbo on 02 64 577365 for more information.

Thredbo is among a number of alpine resorts in the Snowy Mountains. The area is famous for its skiing holidays, which mainly take place at Perisher, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, and Selwyn Snowfields. These resorts are located within the Kosciuszko National Park, a pristine land of beautiful mountain peaks, rolling grasslands, and natural forests.
These resorts enjoy year round activity, although the winter season is the main draw. Summer in the Snowies has become a veritable adventure and party season, with amazing events and outdoor activity. This is Australia at its best; an adventurous haven for those sick of bustling city life.

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    Real Estate at Thredbo

    As a year round destination, Thredbo is a fantastic real estate investment opportunity. Real estate in the Snowies has always been a strategic investment, capitalizing on the brisk business that Thredbo attracts each season. Rental income for most properties have picked up after the last few years of recession. Thredbo will always be an attractive investment, as more visitors flock to the Snowies for fun and games in the wild.

    Lease status

    The real estate at Thredbo was first leased by a group of investors, who developed the resort into the ski haven that it is today. This group of visionaries established the first ski lifts and hotel, enabling Thredbo to become an alpine ski resort.
    A lot has changed since then, with lots of development taking place. This is especially after 1987, when Amalgamated Holdings took over the lease. Thredbo has transformed from a secluded snowy outpost in the mountains, into a luxurious and well equipped ski and summer resort. The millions of dollars poured into Thredbo have made it a valuable long term real estate investment.
    Every owner of Thredbo property is a sub-lessee of Kosciuszko Thredbo Ltd. This is a subsidiary of Amalgamated Holdings Ltd, the lease owner. Majority of the sub-leases have been Torrens titled, after Thredbo rolled over the lease for another 50 years. This is unlike other resorts, such as Perisher, where property owners lease directly from the NPWS.

    Investment opportunities

    Thredbo real estate offers lots of opportunities for the savvy investor. The huge range of properties available makes it easy to acquire an investment that fits your budget and goals. Most importantly, the huge prospects for growth in the tourism sector guarantees more long term gains than anywhere else.
    Furthermore, Thredbo is continuously improving its service offerings. Almost every year sees the introduction of new biking trails and ski runs. The last decade has witnessed unprecedented improvements in facilities and events. Growth sectors like summer sports have huge potential for growth, as has been witnessed in the mountain biking arena.
    Thredbo can always rely on its magnificent location and reputation as a gem of the Australian Alps. This makes the village an ever fresh destination, with lots of promise for growth. Additionally, the private lease allows Amalgamated Holdings to invest hugely in the success of Thredbo. This is without the hindrance of public decision making, which bedevils most local authorities.

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