Owning property in Thredbo Alpine Village is all about investing for pleasure, profit and in increasing more cases, capital gain. If you are investing for a rental profit and hopefully a capital gain we invite you to call us to discuss your Thredbo property purchasing options and management.

ThredboNet Marketing have been at the forefront of property management in Thredbo village marketing properties through the internet with sites such as;

ThredboNet Marketing were the 1st organisation in Thredbo to fully appreciate just how much the internet is changing and has changed the way we plan and book our holidays.

We specialise in marketing properties in the Woodridge area of Thredbo even though we have centre village and Crackenback Ridge properties under management.

We believe and have proven that through our internet marketing efforts that we can provide a greater return for your Thredbo property investment. In many cases 10% – 15% coupled with costs less than any other in Thredbo Village.

Our system provides you the owner with quality management that lives in the Woodridge area of Thredbo, has owned and still owns property in Thredbo, management that has made real capital gains in Thredbo. A major plus that we have provided owners with is cash flow, not only throughout winter but also during the increasingly popular summer. Your rental money is not held by us at any time and is delivered to your account direct from the persons renting your property.

ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd
PO Box 149 Thredbo Village 2625
+61 2 64 576 464

If you are interested in purchasing in Thredbo I invite you to call us on 02 64 576 281 or complete this form.