Jindabyne " the movie"Jindabyne: Gateway to the Snowy

The south east area of New South Wales, in the Kosciusko National Park, is home to several thousand people and the town of Jindabyne. Overlooking the winding Lake Jindabyne, this stunning area offers year round and exhilarating activities. The beauty and amazing sights of this picturesque town has deservedly made it a setting for two major films.   Jindabyne has been a base town for the surrounding resort towns of Thredbo, Perisher, Charlotte Pass, and others for years. Skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and adventurers, have all made this their port of call for supplies, rest, and entertainment.  Jindabyne provides every type of holiday equipment for sale or hire, including snow and mountain gear, tents, and many more. Furthermore, this is a great first stop in the snowy Mountains, especially for holiday makers who are undecided on the choice of ski resort. This has earned it a reputation as the gateway to the Snowy Mountains.

Jindabyne is also a fabulous holiday destination in its own right. It has numerous locations to enthral visitors, with endless adventures to keep you busy.



Jindabyne was predominantly a grazing area for centuries. Construction of the Jindabyne Dam occurred in the 1960s, and was part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. This led to the flooding of the original town under Lake Jindabyne, forcing Pioneer memorial Jindabyneresidents to relocate to the present location. A few buildings of the old town, particularly the church, can be seen where the water levels are low. The lake is a popular draw for visitors, and offers numerous activities in summer. It has a permanent population of just under 2000 people. It is very cosmopolitan, with a great mix of pioneering families and new residents. Jindabyne is 462km from Sydney and only 190km from Canberra, making it easily accessible by car or coach. It is served by the Kosciuszko Road, the Alpine Way, and Barry Way. Jindabyne lies below the snowline at 990m, which is great for people who prefer accommodation away from the snowfields.


Jindabyne in winter

The winter season is a busy time for Jindabyne. Most of the skiers and snowboarders make this their first stop, to get supplies before moving further up the mountains into nearby ski resorts. Jindabyne boasts fantastic accommodation, and a wide range of entertainment spots.

Beautiful cafes and pubs serve lovely cuisine, with the finest Australian beer and vintage wines. Great apartments, hotels, guest houses, backpacker lodgings, and many more are available in Jindabyne. You can cosy up with your family or loved one in charming cottages, mountain retreats, and wonderful cabins. The short drive to the ski resorts makes Jindabyne a convenient base camp for your winter activities. The endless shopping opportunities in the town centre will also ensure you have everything you need throughout your winter holiday.


Jindabyne in summer

This lovely resort may play second fiddle to the storied ski fields in winter. However, it comes into its own in the summer, with an eclectic mix of outdoor adventures. There are endless activities around Jindabyne to captivate every discerning guest. Here are must do events:


Fishing, Lake JindabyneFishing in Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne is one if the best fishing destinations in all of Australia. The lake is fed by the Thredbo, Snowy, and Eucumbene Rivers. Trout fishing at the lake is undoubtedly the finest in the country. The lake has abundant Rainbow, Brook, and Brown trout, and also Atlantic salmon. Every method of fishing is allowed, with no boating restrictions. Most of the trophy fish are captured between June and October. As a guest fisherman, you have everything you need in Jindabyne. Boat charters, fishing guides, bait and tackle, are all available. The local fishermen are also generous with tips on where the trout is biting. Visit the Gaden Trout Hatchery by the banks of the Thredbo River, and learn everything about cold water sport fish breeding from experts.

Sailing and canoeing on the lake

A large variety of watercrafts are readily available for hire if you wish to go out onto the lake. They range from tinnies, canoes, half cabin boats, sailing boats, and paddleboats. You can learn new water sports through great instructors. Mix fun on the water with your fishing expedition, before going back ashore for deliciously grilled trout.

Tennis and golf

Summer in the Snowy Mountains is perfect for outdoor sports. Jindabyne offers tennis court hire at great prices. If you forget your equipment, or do not want to carry it, various courts will hire out whatever you need. Golf at the Jindabyne Sport & Recreation Centre, or try the 18-hole course at Coolamatong, on your way to Berridale.

Mountain biking

This is an exciting way to get fit while enjoying lovely vista’s around Jindabyne. Mountain biking has been a great feature of the Snowy Mountains, attracting beginners and experts alike. Various competitions feature on the summer calendar, where you can watch as the pros delight the crowds. There are numerous trails around Jindabyne for mountain biking. New ones are also being added frequently. The foreshore track around the lake is a lovely trail if you want leisurely biking. Seasoned bikers on the other hand can zoom through many advanced trails around the area.

Horse rides

The Jindabyne Equestrian Centre provides great horse riding packages and accommodation. You can explore the mountains on horseback like the explorers did centuries ago. Ride through old stock routes, bush trails, and brumby trails that wind through the forests. Trek 30km a day, and stop for a gourmet lunch of the finest delicacies and wines.

Rock climbing and abseiling

Jindabyne Dam Wall is a great abseiling location, and provides fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. Tackle the huge granite boulders and challenging mountain terrain, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Instructors are available to safely guide you through each step. Climbing gear is also available for hire.

Snowy VineyardThe Snowy Vineyard

The Snowy Vineyard has been a major draw for visitors to the Snowy Mountains for decades. Their fruity and semi-dry sweet wines come from the Coldest Climate Vineyard in the country. Enjoy a glass of the finest vintages, or take a swig from the beer microbrewery. Visitors to Jindabyne will also be delighted with the spectacular limestone features at the Yarrangobilly Caves. Take a dip in the thermal pool, and unwind in the 27 degree water. Jindabyne is without a doubt a fabulous summer and winter haven. There is almost too much to explore and experience in a single holiday. This is nature’s playground in all its glory, which will ignite the adventurous spirit in you. Jindabyne accommodation in the centre of Jindabyne town centre, for accommodation on the Alpine Way click here

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