Thredbo Never Sleeps In Summer

Spectacular Thredbo at the foot of Mt Kosciuszko is better known for fantastic skiing and extensive winter sports. The snow melts slowly in September as temperatures rise, to signal the end of yet another busy winter season.
Early summer is a sight to behold at Thredbo. The snow peels away from the mountains to uncover a colourful wilderness, as it melts into trout filled rivers and glacial lakes. By late October, the summer vibe fills the air, and outdoor adventurers come out in force.
This world famous alpine village has a throbbing pulse in the summer, with fantastic festivities drawing thousands of adventure lovers out into the wild. Summer is the time to pack away the skis and snow shoes, and blast through wild forests on mountain bikes.

Wild Thredbo

As the last clutches of the snow disappear, Thredbo bursts into a spectacular display of wildflowers and plants. The crisp alpine air breezes through forests, waterfalls, and sparkling rivers of the Snowy Mountains.
Furry mammals and wild horses spring to life on slopes and expansive grasslands. Emus, magpies, cockatoos, wedge-tailed eagles, and kestrels, put on their best show for avid birdwatchers. Scenic mountain trails, granite tors, and glacial lakes, beg you to come explore.  This is untamed nature in its full glory, and only Thredbo lets you experience it up close like never before.

What is there to do ?

The summer calendar at Thredbo packs seemingly endless activities for the visitor. There are lots of events, festivals, tours, and adventures to experience. Take the chairlift up Mt Kosciuszko, and enjoy stunning scenery on the 1.8km trip. You may also play golf at the Thredbo course, the highest in Australia, or improve your forehand at the tennis courts.
Thredbo never sleeps in summer; the evenings and nights are alive with entertainment and a pulsating nightlife. Restaurants, pubs, spas, and retail stores in the village have everything you need. Kid’s activities are abundant, including a nature play park, face painting, treasure hunt, street entertainment, the Kid’s Club Night Adventure in the dusk.
Here is a glimpse of other activities you cannot afford to miss at Thredbo:


Thredbo offers a great way to go outdoors and explore the massive granite tors. Abseiling and rock climbing are a fabulous way to spend your day. Everyone can do it, especially with the helpful instructors from the Snowy Mountains Climbing School giving lessons and safety tips.  Abseiling is made even more exciting by the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. All the necessary equipment is available, so there is no excuse for not learning the ropes and stepping over the edge.


Thredbo is a mountain biking paradise. There are many trails to cover around the mountains, valleys and grasslands of the Snowies. They include the Thredbo Downhill, Cannonball Downhill, Flow Trail, and the exciting 15km Thredbo Valley Trail. You can also take it easy by just riding around the village. Simply hire a bike and all the required gear, and peddle through paradise.
Amateurs can benefit from experienced instructors, who teach all the technical skills needed to safely navigate challenging mountain trails. There are mountain biking clinics, lessons, and tours. Learn everything from climbing, cornering, chutes, and rock drops.
Take the Kosciuszko Express to summit and ride the Thredbo Downhill Trail. This is guaranteed to give you the adrenalin rush of a lifetime. There is also a new jump track for you to show off your bike skills. Your safety is well taken care of; full body armour, front suspension bikes, and full face helmets are available, so you can push yourself to the limit.

Fly fishing

The Snowy Mountains are a fisherman’s paradise, and rightly attracts trout lovers from far each summer. The Thredbo River teems with Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout. There is everything you need for your fishing trip. All equipment can be supplied, so you need not carry your own. Beginners can learn from certified casting experts, who have been fishing in the area for years. There are fly fishing and angling lessons for all skill levels, including guided tours. Remember to carry a hat, sunglasses, drinks, and shoes suitable for wet conditions.


Few activities in summer beat the thrilling rides on the bobsled. The twists and turns on the 700m luge-style track will undoubtedly make your day. Get your family or mates to speed down the track in the bright sunshine.
Double up with the kids and howl together down the mountain with the wind in your face. The carts are fitted with brakes to you give you full control at all times. If you are not up to it, watch from the vantage viewing platforms as your friends have all the fun.

Kosciuszko Walks

Thredbo is a paradise for those who love walking in nature. The village has everything within walking distance, allowing you to walk easily to the stores, concert venue, cafe, or BBQ pit. Trekking into the mountains is more thrilling. Take in the crisp mountain air as you walk around Kosciuszko National Park.

Enjoy views of glacial lakes, rivers, and flowers up close through guided or individual walks. Make your way along the Thredbo River and discover the unique wildlife of the mountains.
You can trek to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, and be amazed by stunning views of the countryside and village below. This is a great way to shake off last night’s hangover and work up an appetite.

Summer Festivals

Thredbo in summer is a partying haven. The village has great events for you to enjoy as you dance through the night. Music comes to Thredbo in the summer with the Blues Festival, Snowy Mountains Country Festival, and The Jazz Festival.
The top artists in each genre come to Thredbo each year, and wow the crowds in fantastic concerts. Numerous venues host performances, including restaurant and pubs. You can walk to every venue, swim as you enjoy a jazz band play by the poolside, or sing along at a country music concert in Centre Village.

There are also fantastic carnivals and festivities over Christmas and the New Year for the whole family. Enjoy the Alpine Family Festival, movies at dusk, fireworks and glow sticks, and the New Year pool party.
Thredbo is one summer paradise in the wild that will give you and your family an unforgettable holiday experience. You will want to come back time and again, just like thousands of other frequent visitors.